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Seminars For Agents

Roseann does seminars for agents. Realtors have many different rule changes to keep up with. Appraisers also have many different rule changes to keep up with. As a result, agents do not understand what is happening with appraisal form changes, or adjustment changes, or RULE changes. They feel they have no one to ask when an appraisal comes in lower than a contract, OR the square footage is incorrect, etc!

Roseann’s seminars typically are simple Q and A. These will not be about any specific analysis of an appraisal already completed for an agent. They are NOT attack the appraiser events! These Q and A’s are broad questions that every Realtor runs into and has a question about.

These talks can be at whatever time the person setting up the seminar wants it to be. Some companies prefer lunch time, while others prefer mornings.